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Disneyland Paris

Visit the No. 1 ETA (European Tourist Attraction) Disneyland Paris Resort, The official web site for booking Euro Disney holidays & be one step closer to seeing your favourite Disney characters such as Mickey and Minny Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck & Goofy!

Disney Resort Paris is the top tourist destination in Europe with over 10,000,000 visitors every year. A grand total of 140,000,000 guests have been welcomed at Disneyland Paris's gates since the resort opened in early 1992. Ideal for both family & business events the Paris Disney Resort is spread out over 30,000 square meters of beautiful Parisian countryside. The resort is one of the largest entertainment facilities in Paris & contains in its midst one of the top five largest conference facilities within its boundaries. Disneyland Paris resort include both indoor and outdoor facilities including swimming pools, fitness centers, golf course, tennis courts, an ice-skating rink, just under seventy different dining establishments, eight thousand hotel rooms and fifty+ separate boutiques. The resort comprises of five distinct 'themed' parks (six if you include Walt Disney studios). These parks have all contributed to their top placement as Europe's leading visitor attraction. Visit the official site and get yourself a Disneyland Paris special Internet Magical offer.

As mentioned earlier the Disneyland Paris Resort has 5 theme parks each with their own individual attractions and shows they are as follows:

  • Adventureland - follow Aladdin's journey visit his oriental palace then adventure isle, pirates beach, and the Swiss Family Robinsons house. Join the Pirates of the Caribbean or Indiana Jones at the temple of peril but be careful you never know what is waiting for you there!
  • Discoveryland - Start an intergalactic adventure on your own space ship - the Starspeeder 3000, then visit Space Mountain & Captain Nemo's submarine the Nautilus. With your feet back on soil take a place in our 1950's car race but watch out for Professor Szalinski as he may shrink you to the size of a mouse.
  • Fantasyland - Where else can you take a ride in the Mad Hatter's tea cups, join Peter Pan, fly on the back of Dumbo the elephant or sing with the dolls from 'It's a small world'. If that's not enough excitement come visit Alice in Wonderlands labyrinth Pinocchio, Snow White, or see the Sleeping Beauty but take care - too much noise and you may just wake the dragon under her Castle.
  • Frontierland - Travel back into the early days of American history and visit the Wild West at the peak of the Gold rush. Ride downstream on a Mississippi paddle steamer while admiring the views or try the runaway train at Big thunder mountain. See Pocahontas' at her Indian village or visit Critter corral or the most haunted house.
  • Main street USA - Take a trip to America at the beginning of the 20th century. Gently stroll through the streets and join in the lively atmosphere with Disney characters daily parading through the streets. If your feet are needing a break why not try our trains, vintage bus, fire engine, limousines or if fond of horses try our wagons or horse drawn streetcars.

Check out the latest Euro Disney holidays online offers and find out how much you, your family or friends can save when visiting the top European tourist resort by booking on the Internet.

Disneyland Paris - for a wonderfully magical trip visit the official site.

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Euro Disney Holidays

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