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Expedia UK is THE fastest growing online travel agent in the country for low cost hotel accommodation & travel throughout the United Kingdom and abroad.

Expedia UK is the regional United Kingdom Expedia site which offers fantastic deals and offers for UK based travellers throughout Europe and the World. This UK version of the global travel company Expedia was launched in late 1998, a year later their last quarter sales had already amassed over six million GBP. Expedia were the first online travel agent to launch a massive television advertising campaign in 2003 emphasizing the range of services on offer that can be used to tailor holiday choices to customers exacting needs as well as offering even greater reductions for using more than one service. The campaign resulted in an increase of over 200% from the previous months sales figures proving very successful at attracting more customers to the UK Expedia site.

The UK Expedia travel service includes a superb range of online reservations from their extensive database of discounted: schedule and charter flights from all major UK airports; car hire packages; hotel accommodation; cruise package holidays; and excursions from a carefully selected range of well-established travel organizations, UK and global tour operators. Expedia travel options available online include:

  • Flight to Dublin
  • Paris hotel
  • Cheap flights to Spain
  • Tenerife holidays
  • Luxury Madrid hotel reductions
  • Low cost Barcelona hotel rooms
  • cheap flights to Florida
  • Reduced rate New York hotels
  • Cheap flight to Thailand
  • Bangkok hotel reductions
  • Holidays to Goa
  • Flight to Lanzarote
  • Dominican Republic holiday deals
  • Hot Australia hotel deals
  • Cheap flights to New Zealand
  • UK Expedia holiday services for low cost travel to England, Europe and around the globe visit Expedia today and see what holiday bargain you can pick up.

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    Expedia Products and Services Offered

    Things you can buy from Expedia's online shop include the following:

    Attractions - Dinner cruise, Boat tours, Theatre shows, Sightseeing, Helicopter tours.
    Cars - San Francisco car hire, Luxury car hire, Las Vegas car hire, Portugal car hire, Italy car hire.
    Corporate travel - Business bookings, Business hotel bookings, Company travel, Business travel consultants, Business air travel.
    Deals - Family holiday deals, Top holiday deals, Car deals, Luxury break deal, Florida holidays.
    Eurostar - Eurostar train to Calais, Eurostar train to Brussels, Eurostar train to Disneyland Paris, Eurostar holidays, Eurostar train to Paris.
    Flights - Las Vegas flights, Castries flights, Caribbean flights, Asia and Middle East flights, Cape Town flights.
    Guides - European travel guide, Asia travel guide, Airport Guides, World Guide, Inspirational travel guide.
    Holidays - Australian holidays, Barbados holiday offers, Cheap Family holidays, Late holiday deals, Cheap holiday in Spain.
    Hotels - Las Vegas hotel, Florence hotel, Amsterdam hotel, Budapest hotel, Germany .
    Insurance - USA travel insurance, European travel insurance, one trip travel insurance, Asian travel insurance, Far east insurance.
    Maps - Canada street maps, North America address maps, European Driving directions, USA street maps, Global maps.

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