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RAC UK is one of the United Kingdom's leading roadside assistance companies and a leading provider of motoring information and services for private motorists including traffic & travel information and car finance & insurance.

RAC UK's origins started at the start of the 1900's when the Automobile Club first received royal approval in 1907 and became the motoring organization - the Royal Automobile Club. Investing heavily in promoting the interests of private motorists the RAC were first known for their introduction of uniformed breakdown patrols in the first decade (a tradition that continues with the RAC Breakdown services available today). This services was quickly supplemented in 1912 with the establishment of emergency roadside phone boxes in 1912. The RAC UK organization was also the first to introduce driving certificates well ahead of the Government's proposal to make them a legal requirement. In 1999 Lex (originally a side arm of the RAC company specializing in car parking and leasing services) bought the RAC services from the original RAC club. Despite RAC UK no longer having any involvement with the RAC club they remain resolute in their commitment to supporting motorists and are constantly extending the range of motoring services offered to private UK motorists since changing ownership. Currently there are approximately 7,000,000 million RAC Breakdown services registered members, however there are many other members who are signed up with other offerings from RAC UK service range. Furthermore, the RAC UK Internet site as well as enabling individuals to sign up to their many services is a comprehensive information resource for motorists.

Whilst probably most well known and respected for their RAC Breakdown award winning roadside recovery services as is immediately apparent from their extensive web site the RAC have a much wider range of products and services for private motorists and corporations. The RAC UK web site offers a wide range of traffic information & motoring advice which is available for all visitors to the site as well as additional services and information available only to registered RAC members. Examples of RAC UK's wide range of online services and products include:

  • RAC insurance (car, motorcycle and other vehicles)
  • RAC car breakdown services
  • RAC car buying advice
  • RAC personal loans for car finance
  • RAC motorbike services
  • RAC research reports
  • RAC roadwatch
  • RAC route map
  • RAC vehicle checks & examinations
  • If you need to plan your next journey have a look at the RAC route map and traffic alert information online. Perhaps you're looking for car finance why don't you check out their current details and apply online for a RAC loan. Whatever your car and travel needs visit the RAC UK web site for online advice and services.

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    RAC Products and Services Offered

    Things you can buy from RAC's online shop include the following:

    Breakdown cover - Recovery cover, At Home cover, Roadside cover, European cover.
    Car buying - Car buying advice, Personalised plates, Vehicle checks, Car loans, Car leasing.
    Car care - Stolen vehicle recovery, Auto Windscreens, Personalised plates.
    Insurance - Caravan insurance, Personal accident cover, Motorcycle insurance, Car insurance, European breakdown cover.
    Learn to drive - BSM special offers, BSM car insurance, Free RAC breakdown cover, RAC advanced driving course, BSM driving lessons.
    Loans & Leasing - Car loans, Personal loans, Car insurance, Vehicle history checks, Car leasing.
    Motorcycle services - Breakdown cover, Motorcycle advice, Motorcycle insurance, BSM rider training.
    Personal injury - Road traffic accident, Personal injury claims, Work accidents, Public liability.
    RAC world - Motoring Issues, RAC Information, BSM, RAC Business, RAC Research Reports.
    Travel services - In-car navigation, Travel information, Online route planning, European breakdown cover, Travel services.
    Windscreens - RAC Auto Windscreens, Corporate Auto Windscreens, Damaged windscreen repair.

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