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eBay was founded in 1995 by the US based Internet entrepreneur Pierre Omidyar and was the first online auction marketplace where people can buy and sale goods to other Internet users. With over 150 million customers globally today eBay is the Worlds largest online marketplace operating in over thirty separate markets representing millions of items across thousands of diverse categories. As well as being the largest online marketplace regional eBay marketplaces often top their region for market share of Internet sales and purchases.

In the 1990's Pierre was an early enthusiast of the Internet and the opportunities it presented. His partner had a growing Pez (the sweet dispenser) collection and was having difficulty finding similarly minded people to trade with. Pierre thought that the Internet could provide a central virtual marketplace for individuals and small businesses to sell, meet & promote their goods and services to others with similar niche interests. eBay development started soon after and on it's launch this novel idea proved extraordinary popular and became a whirlwind success within the US Internet community. Soon eBay buying began to attract customers from other countries and development of separate global marketplaces began in earnest.

The UK eBay marketplace was launched in October 1999, and is the countries largest online market place and No. 1 e-commerce site. There are over 10,000,000 UK eBay registered users and live listings of over 3,000,000 items for sale at any time on the United Kingdom site. These three million items are spread over their broad range of categories - there are over 10,000 distinct sections to browse or search through. eBay UK continues to grow in strength and the company recently reported that the regional marketplace reached a quarter revenue of $100,000,000 (compared with their total net revenue for the quarter of over $1 billion).

Popular sections of the UK eBay buying marketplace include the following:

  • eBay motors
  • Office furniture
  • Laptops
  • Coins
  • Pottery
  • Musical instruments
  • DVD players
  • Concert tickets
  • Antique clocks
  • Garden furniture

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eBay Products and Services Offered

Things you can buy from eBay's online shop include the following:

Antiques & Art - Antique Furniture, Architectural Antiques, Decorative Arts, Modernist, Carpets/ Rugs.
Automotive - Car Parts, Renault, Campers and Caravans, Manuals and Literature, Classic Cars.
Baby - Other Baby, Twins and Multiples, Baby Carriers/ Backpacks, Baby Books, Baby Feeding.
Books, Comics & Magazines - Accessories, Non-Fiction Books, Educational/ Textbooks, Fiction Books, Children's Books.
Business, Office and Industrial - Other Business and Industrial, Building Materials and Supplies, Restaurant and Catering, Industrial Tools, Printing and Graphic Arts.
Clothes, Shoes, Accessories - Boys' Shoes, Clothing and Shoe Care, Women's Clothing, Women's Shoes, Girls' Clothing.
Coins - Share Certificates/ Bonds, Coins, Tokens, Banknotes, Historical Medals/ Medallions.
Collectables - Decorative Ornaments/ Plates, Disneyana, Theatre/ Opera/ Ballet, Cigarette/ Tea/ Gum Cards, Kitchenalia.
Computing - Other Computing, Software, Cables/ Connectors, Books and Manuals, Drives/ Storage.
Consumer Electronics - Batteries and Battery Chargers, DJ Equipment, VCRs, Televisions, Gadgets.
Crafts - Fabric, Candle and Soap Making, Cross Stitch, Quilting, Tapestry and Needlepoint.
DVD, Film & TV - Film Memorabilia, Videos: VHS/ PAL (UK), TV Memorabilia, Accessories/ Storage, Other Film Formats.
Dolls & Bears - Bears, Dolls' House Miniatures, Dolls, Dolls' Houses, Doll Accessories.
Health & Beauty - Dental Care, Dieting/ Slimming, Vision/ Glasses/ Lenses, Tanning/ Sun Care, Hair Care.
Home & Garden - Curtains and Blinds, Rugs and Carpets, Bedroom, Safety and Security, Major Appliances.
Jewellery & Watches - Beads, Fine Jewellery, Vintage and Antique Jewellery, Jewellery Boxes and Supplies, Watches.
Mobile & Home Phones - Sim Cards, Home Phones, Multimedia Cards/ Memory, Other Phones, Bluetooth Accessories.
Music - Other Music Formats, CDs, Music Memorabilia, Accessories/ Storage, Records.
Musical Instruments - Accessories/ Equipment, String, Keyboard/ Piano, Percussion, Harmonicas.
PC & Video Gaming - X-Box, Coin-Operated, Sony PS2, Other PC and Video Gaming, Apple/ Macintosh.
Photography - Books, Manuals and Magazines, Tripods and Supports, Film Camera Lenses, Camcorder Accessories.
Pottery, Porcelain & Glass - Glass, Coalport, Oriental, Gouda, Royal Albert.
Sporting Goods - Inline and Roller Skating, Golf, Boxing, Windsurfing, Hiking.
Sports Memorabilia - Boxing Memorabilia, Football Programmes, Cricket Memorabilia, Tennis Memorabilia, Ice Hockey Memorabilia.
Stamps - World Stamps, Commonwealth/ British Colonial Stamps, Great Britain Stamps, European Stamps, First Day Covers.
Tickets & Travel - Other Travel, Short Breaks, Comedy Tickets, Amusement Parks/ Attractions Tickets, Exhibitions/ Shows.
Toys & Games - Vintage/ Classic Toys, Educational Toys, Creative Toys/ Activities, Construction Toys and Kits, Beanies.

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