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For a full range of electrical goods and accessories visit one of the country's largest independent electrical retailers Empire Direct UK.

EmpireDirect is the online direct supply specialist division of Empire Direct plc. The company Empire Direct has over 20 years experience in the sector. Established in 1992 Empire Direct has been offering a wide range of electrical equipment & accessories at low prices for UK customers and is one of Europe's 500 fastest growing companies. Most recent financial records show the company is on target to achieve annual turnover figures over £100,000,000 - coupled with their expertise in the service and supply of electrical products throughout the country you have financial security with EmpireDirect. Empire Direct UK's online store has the express mission to offer customers the widest selection of top branded electrical appliances online at costs significantly cheaper than typical high street levels offering considerable savings to Internet purchasers. On average there are over 10,000 items available for purchase online at any given moment. EmpireDirect also have the goal to provide the highest levels of customer service in online shopping, tailoring their service to the needs of each individual customer. In 2004 over 10,000,000 people in the country visited or bought from Empire Direct UK. Whilst delivery charge is levied on top of their prices most orders are delivered within 3 working days after payment. On average 85% of all online orders are ready for dispatch within four hours of placing the order - not bad considering they send over 1,000 parcels out a day! All EmpireDirect purchases come with a full manufacturers guarantee and their own nationwide in-home service for bulky electrical items coupled with insurance and installation services at low rates.

During their 20+ yrs in business Empire Direct UK has received many accolades & awards to secure their position as one of the top electrical retailers in the United Kingdom. In 2002 they were national winners of the annual e-commerce awards and two later BoysToys magazine voted them one of the top 50 web sites in the world. More recently the EmpireDirect web site was awarded a gold award from the Web User magazine. Empire Direct work hard to satisfy their customer's needs and judging from their web awards received in recent years it seems as though this formula could be a winning one!

Empire Direct UK stores are based in Leeds, England, however since the launch of their web site EmpireDirect they have introduced their amazing range of electronic products and services online to ensure that all people looking for quality electricals at bargain prices based in the United Kingdom are able to gain access without needing to reside within close proximity to an Empire Direct store. Empire Direct have established a leading reputation in electronics so there really is only one choice if you are looking for electronic products independent from high street chain stores.

For online electronics visit EmpireDirect and their 10,000+ products and check out their massive online range today.

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Empire Direct Products and Services Offered

Things you can buy from Empire Direct's online shop include the following:

Audio - Accessories, HiFi Separates, Portable Audio, HiFi Systems, MP3 Players.
Award Winning Electrical Products - Amps/Speakers, Cameras, Camcorders, Mobiles and Telephones, HiFi Separates.
Communication - Fax Machines, Mobile Phones, Telephones, Ringtones.
Computers - PC Monitors, Consoles and Games, PCs Laptops and PDAs, Peripherals.
Electrical Accessories - Recordable Media, AV Furniture, Miscellaneous Accessories and Spares, Interconnects, Memory Cards.
In-Car Media - Satellite Navigation, Head Units, Auto Changers, Mobile Multimedia, Amps and Speakers.
Kitchen - Microwaves, Washers and Dryers, Fridges and Freezers, Heaters and Fans, Dishwashers.
Personal Health Care - Gifts, Bathroom scales, Womens Haircare, Barometers, Dental products.
Photo - Digital Prints, Still Cameras, Photo Printers, Camcorders.
Visual - Home Theatre, Televisions, DVD Players, DVD Portable, VCR.

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Empire Direct UK

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