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The John Lewis Department store retail group is one of the UK's largest retail groups in the country with over 25 stores throughout Britain. The household department store name is synomonous with quality goods & an outstanding after-sales service so much so that its reputation amongst customers and suppliers is unparalleled in the UK retail industry and has established benchmark standards within the industry. The year 2004 proved a highly successful one for John Lewis not only with the celebration of important group anniversaries but also for recording a record annual turnover topping £5 billion.

In the mid 1860's John Lewis opened up his first store on Oxford Street, London and proved highly successful attracting many customers to the branch. This success soon led to a further store opening and the business became a family enterprise. In 1929 John Lewis established a new retail relationship between the company, their workers and their suppliers in the drawing up of the legal Trust Settlement document marking the beginning of the John Lewis Partnership. The 'Trust Settlement' and the commitment of all John Lewis UK department store partners gives the company a wonderful competitive edge. At very least it has enhanced their reputation amongst both customers and suppliers and probably accounts for a significant proportion of their success and growth in the UK retail industry.

The John Lewis department store group is the one of the country's largest - their shops can be found at the top North of the UK in Aberdeen, Scotland right down to the South West of England. Stores are mainly located in three different areas: large cities (such as their original store in London), massive shopping malls (like the Bridgewater store) and out-of-town retail developments (for example their Cheshire store in Cheadle). In total the portfolio of John Lewis UK stores account for 5,000,000 + sq ft of retail space with each store offering a vast range of choice of clothing, home and garden enabling them to cater for their UK customers diverse tastes. In fact the John Lewis range is probably the widest on offer under one roof from any single British retailer. John Lewis Department stores stock range undergoes constant review to ensure they consistently follow current trends and lead in new ranges to be at the cutting edge of fashion. As such John Lewis customers can choose from a wide variety of styles and range of prices that remain unmatched by any other UK retailer, coupled with their high standards of quality & competitive price matching this ensures the continued growth and success of the store chain.

John Lewis launched in 2001 their direct John Lewis shopping service - offering a range of methods (alternate from their stores) for UK customers to access and purchase their products & services. Home shopping by phone or post is served by their popular John Lewis catalogue & Internet presence is available via their online store - the latter of which is emerging as one of the most successful online UK shopping web sites. Departments at John Lewis UK online include: toys & nursery for young children; clothing for all members of the family at all ages; electrical equipment for home & family; sports & leisure equipment and clothing for all members of the family's; furnishing for both home & garden; maintenance & tools for home and family also. The online store also includes access to their amazing services including the wonderful John Lewis's gift list (the UK's most popular gift service which helps people to plan birthdays, anniversaries and other important events) as well as the John Lewis wedding list.

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John Lewis Products and Services Offered

Things you can buy from John Lewis's online shop include the following:

Audio & TV - Audio and Hi-Fi, MP3 Players, DAB Digital Radios, Special Offers, TV Accessories.
Computing - Printing and Scanning, MP3 Players, Computers, Digital Photography, Apple iPod.
Electrical - Kitchen Appliances, Cookers, Telephones, Health and Beauty, Washer Dryers.
Fashion - Casualwear, Perfume, Nightwear, Pashminas, Bodysuits.
Furniture - Kitchen Furniture, Dining Room Furniture, Kids Furniture, Garden Furniture, Bedroom Furniture.
Gifts & Flowers - Flowers, Gift Food and Hampers, Gifts for Her, Gifts for Kids, Gifts for Everyone.
Home & Garden - Tableware, Bathroom, Laundry Room, Blinds, Rugs.
Nursery - Nursery Furniture, Baby and Pre-school Toys, Gifts for Baby, Babywear, Nursery Bedding.
Sports & Leisure - Luggage, Health and Beauty, Sports Equipment, Outdoor Games, Books.
Toys - Science and Discovery, Knex, Music and Crafts, Children's Books, Mamas and Papas.

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John Lewis UK

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