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ntl UK - the leading cable digital TV company in the United Kingdom offering a wide range of telecommunication services for both home and business users such as digital TV, Internet and telephony services.

Prior to the 1990's the British telecommunication sector operated under the monopoly National Operator British Telecom (BT) but in 1991 the Government opened up the market to other providers willing to compete with BT and provide comparative services to business and home users in the UK. In 1993 the beginnings of ntl was launched in the form of the company CableTel. Within two years of operating CableTel had outperformed industry expectations despite changing their name to ntl and reported the highest penetration share of all new firms entering into the UK telecommunications sector as well as noting the highest % of dual telephone & TV and customers in the country. A year later in 1996 they branched out into dial-up ISP services in a joint venture with Virgin. The ntl UK cable network continues to expand and currently serve around 3,000,000 home customers alone but their current network has the capacity to provide ntl UK services to around 8,000,000 residential homes.

Ntl UK in their 10+ years of providing services to customers in the UK have won many consumer and industry accolades & awards for their range of services and products. Home ntl services are specifically aimed at residential users and have proved extremely popular whilst they have also received many awards for their wide range of ntl business services available for all sizes of firms from SME's to large global enterprises. Signing up to ntl UK home Internet services (including the award winning ntl Broadband service) grants access to both ntl email as well as ntl world. Information on ntl's current range of services and products (for business and home users) are available from the ntl UK web site including further details on the following:

  • fast award winning ntl broadband services
  • dial up Internet Service provision (ISP)
  • ntl global email accounts
  • ntlworld information services including news and current affairs
  • ntl's wide range of different phone packages for their telephony services
  • Digital TV packages with 100+ TV stations and 40+ radio stations through your television
  • If you are wanting to change telephone provider, looking at improving your existing TV with adding digital cable packages or looking for an award winning ISP Broadband provider then visit ntl UK online.

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    ntl Products and Services Offered

    Things you can buy from ntl's online shop include the following:

    Broadband for Business - ntl VPN solutions, ntl LAN infrastructure, ntl Metro Ethernet, Business Broadband, ntl National Ethernet.
    Business Phone Line Services - ntl Centrex, Business Lines, Telebusiness Numbers, ISDN30, Inbound Call Management.
    Home Broadband Internet - 3 Mb Broadband, 1 Mb Broadband, 2 Mb Broadband, Broadband Plus.
    Home Internet - Unlimited Dial-up Internet, Braodband, Pay As You Go Dial-up Internet.
    Home Telephone - Call Barring, Voice mail Plus, Telephone Features Bundle, 3 Way Calling, Talk Unlimited Local.
    Home Television - God Channel, Disney Channels, Foreign Language Channels, hntl Digital, Select Pack.

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    ntl UK

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